Can I edit/cancel my reservation after confirming?

Sure you can! Click into 'my reservations' on the website and edit/cancel your reservation from there.

How long in advance can I cancel my reservation?

Your reservation can be cancelled up to 30 minutes before your actual meal would start. Any later than this and you will be marked for a no show. No show has special rules, please see it further down.

How many reservations can I make?

The maximum number of active reservations on Yummee.eu at any time is set at 3. Concurrent reservations are not allowed.

Do I need to provide my credit card info at any point?

No, never! On Yummee.eu there is no upfront payment, just a reservation. You pay normally at the restaurant after eating.

Do I need to print the confirmation email out?

No. However it's always a good idea to keep the Yummee.eu email notification at least on your mobile in case of any confusion at the restaurant.

How can I review a restaurant?

On our website first you must log in, than you can use the ’Rating’ menu on the restaurant site to make rating and comments.

How can I change the language?

On our website you will be able to do this on the top right corner of the web page. Please keep in mind that even if not all languages are supported, we do our best to support the most common languages in each of our cities.

Where can I view/update my personal details?

You must first log in to your account with Yummee.eu. After the log in you can view/update your personal datas under the ’My profile’ menu.

What is Yummee.eu?

Yummee.eu is the no. 1 discounted restaurant reservation platform in Central and Eastern Europe, offering real-time discounts of up to 50% off the whole food bill for every restaurant in our database, every day! No upfront costs, no credit card details, no coupons, nothing - just make your reservation, attend it and your discounts will be automatically applied to your food bill. Reserve through Yummee.eu and you will never have to pay full price for your meals!

How do I make a reservation?

First of all you need to register on Yummee.eu. Reservations can be made on our website.

  1. Pick your preferred restaurant
  2. Select the party size, date and the time (preset by the restaurant) when you want to go to the restaurant.
  3. The time you chose will determine the discount you are getting so play around to see what the best option for you is.
  4. Please confirm if the chosen restaurant, date and time really fit your criteria.
  5. You will receive an email with your reservation details after confirming.

What does a reservation on eatigo really include? Is there any fine print?

  1. Reservation on Yummee.eu – depending on your choice – means 10-50%discount off all food items which includes starters, mains and even desserts (unless specifically stated under the 'special conditions' section)
  2. Depends on the restaurant, the drinks also can be included.
  3. eu discounts - as a rule - do not stack with any other promotions.

Is the discount limited to the items reflected in the 'recommended menu'?

No, the discount is not limited to the items in the 'recommended menu'. The recommended menu is simply a suggestion from us, along with a sample breakdown of prices on the side, to give you a better gauge of your expected bill.

Why do I have to cancel my reservation instead of just not showing up?

Cancelling your reservation on Yummee.eu beforehand helps our restaurants to manage their staff & seats. Not showing up for more than 3 reservations within 2 months will get your account suspended for 2 months. Be kind and take a second to cancel if you cannot make it, we have made it easy. It is literally two taps. Thank you!

Do I need to register with eatigo to make a reservation?

Yes it is necessary to register with Yummee.eu to be able to use our discounted restaurant booking service. After registration you will have access to all your reservations and booking for you is available anytime thereafter.

What happens if a time-slot is sold out?

A sold out time-slot means that the maximum number of seats for that time-slot has been fully reserved. However, there are always cancellations and Yummee.eu users do reschedule occasionally, so do continue to check back for the latest updates on your favourite restaurants!

Can I make a reservation with a foreign phone number? If yes, how?

Yes you can! Simply replace the default country code with your local country code, followed by your mobile number. Yummee.eu allows registrations with any mobile number from all around the world. Just make sure, that you use a valid number for the registration!

What happens if I arrive early/late for my reservation?

As Yummee.eu offers time-based discounts, punctuality is important. Based on our Terms of Use, your reservations are guaranteed within a 30-minute range around your reservation time, namely 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the exact reserved time. Any time before or beyond 30 minutes, our restaurant partners have the right to ask you to wait or reject your reservation. However if they do accept you, they are required to honour the discount that you have reserved for.

I made a reservation and arrived at the restaurant at the correct time but the restaurant is refusing to accept me and/or give me the agreed discount. What do I do?

This should never happen at a Yummee.eu restaurant partner. In the unlikely event it does, please contact us at +36-30-863-5107 or email info@yummee.eu and we will try to resolve the situation for you right away.

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